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Botella Cosecha Primera : Floral 🌸
  • Botella Cosecha Primera : Floral 🌸

    $180.00 Regular Price
    $165.00Sale Price

    Floral with high acidity and rich texture that’s how our unique first harvest of the year tastes like.

    Each harvest hits differently.

    We don’t process our honey. We like it raw, pure and wild.

    You might find pollen and bees honey comb that will make this “pop” experience something truly addictive.

    Glass jar with 480 grams of pure happiness.

    Produced through December. Harvested in early January 2024 within the heart of the Yucatan’s jungle.

    Remember, we promote an ethically and sustainable beekeeping practices to provide honey with the best quality but with equal importance, preserve bee’s wellbeing.

    No bees, no life.