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We love bees, with sting and without a sting.

(Yes, they are bees without a sting)

We believe honey has a more profound story than just being spread into your fresh baked pancakes, and we are commited to inform and spread the culture, the meaning, the ecological value, its holistic importance and how we need bees in our daily lives.






We craft and deliver greatness in a jar. 

QUEENBEE HONEY is made with love by mayan bees and harvested by rural communities that live within Natural Reserves.

These communities do not have the possibility to diversify their way of working beacuse of the Reserve's policies, therefore apiculture is a possibility to earn income and, at the same time, preserve and pollinate the mayan forest.

We are moved by creating real benefits for rural communities and the environment, through fair trade that will benefit present and future generations of these communities. We work only in two natural Reserves, Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh, Yucatán and Calakmul's Biosphere Reserve, Campeche.

We started back in 2014 with only one family in one small community. Now, we are working with 57 families, in 14 communities within 2 Natural Reserves. 

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