This ancient bee known as Melipona bicheii or "Xunan kaab" by the locals in the Yucatan Peninsula, is stingless and endangered bee that produce a special type of honey. This "elixir" is an antioxidant that contains healing and nutritional properties so it is considered a "superfood" as well as being an essential tool in traditional Mayan medicine.
These bees are extremely selective with the type of flowers they forage, they search for only the best to produce the richest and finest nectar, and because QBH only works within Protected Natural Areas, this guarantees the purity and selection of the best flowers of the Mayan forest obtaining a high quality honey with an unparalleled taste.


Because of this selective behavior, melipona beehives only produce up to 3 to 4 liters of honey per year, which makes it a unique and highly valued honey. .

At risk of dying along with the insect is a beekeeping tradition that for centuries has been sacred to the Maya for its spiritual benefits. 

To the Maya, bees are imbued with mystical power, said to appear as messengers between the living world and the underworld.

(Nat Geo, 2012)

Melipona bee, with other types of stingless-bee species (Escaptotrigona pectoralis, Nanotrigona perilampoides, among others)  , are responsible for the pollination of the 60% of the Mayan Forest. Actually, some bee colonies have to visit about two million flowers to make one pound of this sacred honey. 

Disregard for the time-honored ways, is the main threat to the native bees. In addition to starvation (due to deforestation, hurricanes, and competition for food), the bees are threatened by the possible loss of vital trade secrets. Most of the last remaining beekeepers are old men and women living in rural Yucatán, and practically no one is inheriting their knowledge. (Nat Geo, 2012).

That is why, QBH made a personal vow to its mayan roots and to its sacred mayan forest: And it is to spread the word about this elixir that is used for medicinal purpose and it's considered as a superfood for its high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino-acids.

We are not moved by competition with other brands or products. We believe in living in a true and balanced connection with nature, as the mayan culture taught us once: We exist because of nature, so we must preserve it and be eternally thankful.

Primero lo primero, ¿quién produce esta miel?

The ancient and eternal


Medicinal, super food, and mayan elixir




"Guardian" bee

A single bee is guarding the main entrance, keeping the hive safe from predators.



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